About me 👨

My name is Farzad, I’m a seasoned DevOps and SRE Manager, Head of SRE at Gitguardian, ex-Head of SRE at Qonto, ex-Head of Platform at Kapten. I’m also an avid reader and bookworm 📚 (fiction, comics, science-fiction, essays… and computer books of course 😄).

About books 📚

At Kapten, we started sharing our readings and reviews on an internal Slack channel. I liked this idea so much that I cut & pasted my posts to a Medium site and continued posting new content there.

About this site 🏭

If Medium and Slack work fine, then why create yet another personal blog? Well, I’m not a blogger and will never pretend to be one…

But I’m a geek! I’m also an expert in creating and maintaining very large IT infrastructures. As such, I wanted to practice on my own all the tools and techniques that I learned at work to build this site using State-of-the-art knowledge.

The server and the whole surrounding (network, load balancer, DNS, security, TLS certificate…) are fully built using Infrastructure as Code. Everything is described using machine-readable definition files, store in a Git repository, can be reviewed, and is deployed using only a few commands.

Everything needed to build this site from A to Z is on GitHub: